Women’s Collective has started ‘Parampariya Millets’ canteen for the purpose of creating awareness among people about millets inside our office premises. Here we are providing variety of foods and snacks items, which are prepared by using millets. We are procuring millets from our women farmers from various parts of Tamil Nadu.

We offer a full range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, sweets, and beverages to energize you and brighten your day. We started providing catering for events, attending food festivals, and running a food cart in the city twice a Month

By any nutritional parameter, millets are miles ahead of rice and wheat in terms of their mineral content, compared to rice and wheat. Each one of the millets has more fiber than rice and wheat. Some as much as fifty times that of rice. Finger millet has thirty times more calcium than rice while every other millet has at least twice the amount of calcium compared to rice. In their iron content, foxtail and little millet are so rich that rice is nowhere in the race. While most of us seek a micro-nutrient such as Beta carotene in pharmaceutical pills and capsules, millets offer it in abundant quantities. The much privileged rice, ironically, has zero quantity of the precious micro-nutrients.

In this way, nutrient to nutrient, every single millet is extraordinarily superior to rice and wheat and therefore is the solution for the malnutrition that affects a vast majority of the Indian population.