They are healthy!

Nutrit Info

Millets, being whole grains release lesser percentage of glucose and over a longer period of time, thus lowering the risk of diabetes.
Magnesium in millet can help reduce the affects of migraines and heart attacks.

Niacin (vitamin B3) in millet can help lower cholesterol.

Phosphorus in millet helps with fat metabolism, body tissue repair and creating energy.

Millet can help lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Fiber from whole grains has been shown to protect against breast cancer.

Whole grains have been shown to protect against childhood asthma.

Pre-menopausal women eating the most fiber (>30 grams daily) more than halved their risk of developing breast cancer,

Porridge of millet makes a warming, pain-relieving poultice for rheumatism and arthritis.

Millet is a non glutenous grain. It is more alkaline than most grains so much easier to digest especially for those prone to allergies and sluggish digestion and even those with coeliac. disorder. Being a gluten-free grain, it is an ideal food for gluten sensitive people. The grain is valued for promoting strength and energy.

The actions of Millet on the body work as an anti inflammatory and as a Nervine, which helps sooth the nervous system as well as strengthen the body as a Tonic

Millet can help to prevent miscarriage.